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Geert, 2019-05-28

High quality products and swift service. Great personal attention to an issue where I made a mistake. They helped politely and with understanding. Very nice indeed. Very pleased.

Roberto, 2019-05-18

I would most certainly recommend inderwear, making purchases here is very secured, convenient and stress free. The delivery is very fast and the items are always in stock, from my personal experience this is one the best trusted sites I ever dealt with, very professional and they are always keeping up to date with new trends. The products sold at inderwear offer exclusivity and not found just any where else and this just another reason why consider shipping at inderwear.

Darren, 2019-05-13

Better prices than other online stores and very quick postage.Will be making further purchases in the future.Thanks.

Thomas, 2019-04-30

Difficult to improve. Great choice of items, nicely presented web-site which helps with size questions as well. Very quick delivery while keeping the customer informed of when the parcel is ready, leaves etc. The only improvement I can think of is actually going to the shop in Paris and being served by the friendly personnel there.

Richard, 2019-03-31

The experience was top notch. I would definitely order again (already did in fact) and I would recommend to friends.

Richard, 2019-03-31

The experience was top notch. I would definitely order again (already did in fact) and I would recommend to friends.

Simon, 2019-03-19

Have used Inderwear previously and was impressed by their fast and efficient service then. They did not disappoint with my latest order either. Excellent.

Roger, 2019-03-05

Excellent to deal with and all aspects were excellent. Thank you and will order again. Love the product.

Chris, 2019-02-19

Thank you. Couldn't find the items I wanted in the UK. Excellent experience.

Tim, 2019-02-09

Excellent selection of underwear, and order was processed quickly and arrived sooner than I expected. Very satisfied

Erich, 2019-02-02

Fabulous selection of Addicted and ES Collection men's swimwear. Great value and sales on these products and more, too!

Erich, 2019-02-02

Fabulous selection of Addicted and ES Collection men's swimwear. Great value and sales on these products and more, too!

Sean, 2019-01-30

I placed a fairly large order with Inderwear, shipped internationally to me in the US. Everything was just perfect and arrived to me quickly. Their sizing info/charts were very helpful and accurate. I would not hesitate to shop with Inderwear again. And next time I'm in Paris I'll definitely try to stop into the store there!

Jonas, 2019-01-09

Everything was absolutely great! The whole process of ordering, shipping etc. went easy and fast. The products arrived as expected in perfect condition!

Vince, 2019-01-09


Denise, 2018-12-25

Delivery was prompt. I had no issues. Inderwear is much better to deal with than some north American providers.

Scott, 2018-12-10

Website is easy to use and provides clear information on your products. Quality merchandise. Quick shipping and delivery. Good follow up emails on new merchandise without being obnoxious.

Scott, 2018-12-08

Outstanding and very personalized service. My order arrived much faster than I expected and all items were exactly what I specified. I will continue purchasing from Inderwear.

Robert, 2018-10-14

Excellent range, service & delivery time. Beats many other e- stores hands down, especially those in the US whose deliveries can take weeks

Micka, 2018-10-12

Inderwear is an amazing shop and their service is impeccable, including the speed of delivery and efficiency and simplicity of returns.

James, 2018-09-24

Great selection of menswear and speedy delivery for overseas. Highly recommend it!

Paul, 2018-09-22

Inderwear stocks a much wider range of styles and materials than many other retailers.I shall return to them for future purchases.

Terry, 2018-09-10

I have ordered over 8 pairs now and there all an amzing fit .And postage to the UK is just 2 days .Perfect

Armando, 2018-08-22


Paolo, 2018-08-19

Rien à redire comme à chaque fois d'une efficacité excellente, certains site devraient prendre de la graine sur le service clients toujours à l'écoute et surtout remédiant à chaque petit souci rencontré. C'est de cette façon que l'on garde ses clients.

Frank, 2018-08-14

Excellent products and great service. Website is well structured and responds fast, very quick delivery. Very pleasant shopping experience, looking forward to shopping here again.

Chris, 2018-08-12

I enjoy coming back to the store every time. I start with the window shopping and there is always something the catches my eye and I purchase one or more items. The customer service-contact information is very satisfying. Deliveries are always on time and discreet. The garments are well packaged and I look forward to receiving them. Keep up the good work Inderwear.

David, 2018-07-29

Great experience, Excellent products, and fast delivery to the USA!!

Roberto, 2018-07-22

Excellent webstore highly recommended for variety of items, selection and quality. Loyal customers earn additional advantages such as free delivery and return. Honestly speaking there are no areas where further improvements can be made.

Takashi, 2018-07-10

I always use Inderwear because they are on top of their game!

Andreas, 2018-07-01

I am extremely happy with all aspects of Inderwear. Excellent choice of products and service. Keep up the good work ! Thank you.

Derry, 2018-06-25

Highly recommended! Quick response, efficient and brilliant selections!

Joschka, 2018-06-13

great selection, fast delivery. Loyalty customer program!

William, 2018-06-09

I have ordered 4 times. Always amazing service and I received my orders in the US so quickly. Once my sizing was incorrect (my fault) and the exchange was so easy. I will always shop here.

Joshua, 2018-05-15

I'm so satisfied with the service, the quality of my clothes is exactly that I expected. The deliver time was perfect and the tracking information made me sure to recive my purchase. Obviously I'll recommend you with many friends and choose your site for future purchases.

Roberto, 2018-05-08

I congratulate you for such an amazing spirit of service. Your staff is very attentive to every detail and always on top of everything with a very good channel of communication. Your company deserves nothing but the best...! I am truly impressed and extremely satisfied with your service, delivery timeframes and attention to every detail. I am a big fan of Inderwear and look forward to a continued relationship with your firm. It is a shame that not every online business operates with your high standards of service....!

Donald, 2018-04-29

Really do not see where you would need to make improvements. You have a great selection of products. The underwear has great style and fit. Like the variety of brands and styles. Your customer service is extremely great and the quick ship time is appreciated.

Todd, 2018-04-26

Great vendor for hard to find undies. Ships quick and complete, zero problems, very satisfied, will shop with them again!

Michael, 2018-03-06

Outstanding customer service and a fantastic choice of underwear. I only wish Inderwear had an outlet in the UK. HIGHLY Recommended.

Duncan, 2018-02-24

A great service from you and a very good range sports wear and underwear great.

Neil, 2018-02-23

Excellent all round! Reliable, prompt delivery High quality product at a fair price Exemplary customer service Definitely first choice for underwear.

Andreas, 2018-02-20

Bought many clothes by Inderware. I had never any problems, the shipping to Berlin was very fast each tine. Thanks!

Nancy, 2018-02-14

High quality products, that arrived super fast to the US, thank you!!! Added bonus, they look and feel incredible!!!

James, 2018-02-11

The order was very so easy and there is a great selection on the website. Delivery is brilliant - very quick considering it comes from France and arrives easily. Would definitely recommend.

Donald, 2018-01-30

Inderwear provides a great selection of mens underwear from some of the greatest designed underwear in the world. Their site provides you with all the information needed to make the perfect choice. The delivery time is faster than some of the other websites I have ordered from. I look forward to my next order.

Peter, 2018-01-08

Excellent service and quick delivery. Very easy ordering procedure, dispatch and delivery details supplied by Inderwear and the couriers was first class. Will be ordering again and can highly recommend.

Katarzyna, 2017-12-25

I've had an extraordinary experience with Inderwear customer service. It was an international order around Christmas time so there were some bumps along the road expected, however the customer service has proven themselves as outstanding by providing exceptional care and resolving all the issues. I'd like to mention the personal care provided by ***, thank you so much for your patience and help along the way :) I'm a repeat customer from US and I will order again with no hesitation, great products and wonderful customer service, thank you!!!

Markus, 2017-12-22

Really great service and fantastic range of products

Athanasios, 2017-12-07

I always enjoy the excellent customer support and definitely I would recommend Inderwear to others.

Wayne, 2017-12-01

I literally could only find the exact robe I sought at 1 store in the world and that was Inderwear. The online purchase was straightforward. I received my robe within days of purchase in an attractive, sturdy package. It was even more beautiful on than it appeared in the pictures, and the fabric was sumptuous, construction sound. I was initially hesitant to deal with a seller so far from the western US, but I am now glad I did and will do it again! -***