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Authentic reviews from customers that already ordered at INDERWEAR

Joseph, 2024-06-30

Overall, I'm very happy with my experiences with Inderwear. I live in the US and no underwear seller here has near to the selection that Inderwear has. The shipping is as fast as it would be if I ordered from a domestic seller. Selection of products and customer service has been very good.

Lawson, 2024-06-26

This makes my 2nd order from Inderwear and have been very pleased with the items as well as their concern in shipping the items. No issues with size, size charts very accurate. Both transactions were great and look forward to ordering from them again.

Michael, 2024-06-24

I like the range if merchandise. The website is well constructed and easy to navigate. I especially like being able to search by colour and the brand by brand size guides are essential.

Michael, 2024-06-19

Great options for delivery (even selection of the parcel points is possible) and payment (even after delivery via Klarna). Fast delivery (3/4 days) and extensive assortment.

Robert, 2024-06-17

Fantastic Quality. Reasonable Prices too. I’ve ordered quite a few times now. Wonderful , easy , service.

Tarik, 2024-06-15

Had one item returned, everything went smoothly and effective in communication with the customer service, nothing negative to say, keep up the good work.

James, 2024-06-15

Thank you for the delivery and continued excellent service. I am gratitude of every merchandise received. The underwear selection provided great comfort and support. They come in recycling packages which benefit the environment. The best kept secret about inderwear is the sale markdowns

Chris, 2024-06-13

Love your website and offerings. The USA market lacks many things I loved about Europe including clothing such as underwear. The selection, ease of shopping, fast shipping was all top notch. I will be back for more

Paul, 2024-06-12

I am very satisfied with all aspects of your service from the quality of the product, to the filling of the order and shipping. The service of Inderwear is consistently of the highest quality

Charles, 2024-06-11

Couldn't find what I wanted online in the U.S., but found exactly what I wanted at Inderwear!! I've already ordered more! Great prices. Great service. Fast shipping to the U.S. Me and "the boys" are very, very happy!! Thank you!

William, 2024-06-11

Excellent, prompt service and updated notification of order and delivery. Package arrived on time. Definitely recommend for ease of access to thousands of products that local stores do not carry. Excellent pricing.

Andreas, 2024-06-06

There is hardly a way to improve. All is just perfect and in time. The support reacts within a short time. Can very much recommend this store for purchase. Looking forward to my next purchase as there are always nice things to find on their website. Some friends of mine visited the site and got themselves also nice things for them. Two thumbs up - stay as you are

Fabrice, 2024-06-04

I recommend going there. For the choice, listening to my needs and good advice.An address not to be missed

Kurt , 2024-06-03

Great variation of brands and styles. Correct delivery. Looking forward to visit the physical shop.

Brian, 2024-06-02

Very easy to place an order. Shipping was fast and I was kept updated through delivery.

Harry, 2024-06-01

Great products… Great fit… Wonderful quick shipping to the US… You guys rock

Paul, 2024-05-30

I am satisfied with the products and service and would recommend Inderwear to others. I am pleased with the vouchers and free shipping provided by Inderwear based on my multiple orders. I am also pleased with the variety of products from many high-quality companies in Europe and in the United States.

Alex, 2024-05-27

It is a real pleasure to do business with Inderwear. Perfect information on products, professional feedback when requied and quick delivery.

Roberto, 2024-05-27

Excellent products fashion styles and customer service. In particular, customer service is reactive and highly available.

Andreas, 2024-05-25

The choice on the website is very great and the variety immens. Finding the eight product is easy. So I placed my order. It arrived in time. The quality of the products is perfect and all fits well. All products are as described and the size guide did just perfect . Definitely a recommendation for everyone who is searching for nice wearables.

Antonius, 2024-05-25

The ordering and shipping process is flawless. Selection of product is outstanding and discounts at various stages throughout the year are much appreciated. Thanks

Ron, 2024-05-22

Fast delivery, great service, good return policy! And most of all: great choice of products. I order always on your website, because I can’t find something similar in the Netherlands. Great compliments!

Ulises, 2024-05-22

You guys are great!! The prices and quality is great. The shipping is pretty fast considering I'm in the United States. Maybe email more offers and coupons out. I usually make a purchase when you most brands are on sale. Overall great website!

Robert, 2024-05-12

This is my best shop. Here I get very modern and high-quality products. Please note that I am not from France, I receive the package very quickly

Christopher, 2024-05-06

I love the Joe Snyder swimsuit that I received today. It fits and looks great on me. I received the order fairly quickly given that it was coming from Europe.

Merv, 2024-05-04

Love the trunks. The color of them was better than online. They fit and feel good. Best swim trunks I have. The he company was great. Good communication good first time customer experience.

Douglas, 2024-04-28

I found out this website when I was looking for swim briefs, as a Brazilian man I love to wear it when I’m on vacations. I do love the products and all the variety that you guys offer . I had a great experience ordering everything ( I bought 6 swim briefs) on the phone . I’ll be ordering many more , and I do recommend this website to anyone that likes nice brands and variety of products.

Douglas, 2024-04-28

I found out this website when I was looking for swim briefs, as a Brazilian man I love to wear it when I’m on vacations. I do love the products and all the variety that you guys offer . I had a great experience ordering everything ( I bought 6 swim briefs) on the phone . I’ll be ordering many more , and I do recommend this website to anyone that likes nice brands and variety of products.

James, 2024-04-24

I had trouble figuring out where to input voucher numbers in the checkout page but your service desk has been excellent. Very impressed.

Kenneth, 2024-04-22

I am so happy with the product. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for for such a long time. The fit is also perfect. Thank you Inderwear for the quick process and delivery. I received it within 2 days and just in time before I left for vacation where I will be using it.

Troy, 2024-04-20

Very reliable service have ordered three different times and received exactly what i ordered…it does take time to receive your package but it’s understandable seeing how i live in the states and it comes from France … as fuck underwear

Mark, 2024-04-18

I am very happy with the service I have received from Inderwear. The staff are very friendly, understanding and helpful with any questions or concerns and the ordering process and shipment/ returns are very straightforward. I think that they are very generous with offering discounts and points for loyalty or for product exchanges, and they offer excellent products. I would definitely recommend Inderwear to a friend.

Andrew, 2024-04-14

Great service - speedy - no complaints

Oliver, 2024-04-10

Very good customer service and super fast shipping, as always, everything is excellent, I will definitely order again in the future! Thank you

Vadym, 2024-04-05

I'm fully satisfied and do not think that any improvement needed else. Thank you for good service.

Francisco, 2024-03-29

Very satisfied with the shipping and the products. Always a nice variety to choose from.

Frédéric, 2024-03-18

Very satisfactory first purchase, delighted with the quality of the item purchased.Extremely fast delivery of the package.

Elias, 2024-03-18

Excellent selection of products, timely customer service correspondence and incredibly fast shipping. Perfect

georgia, 2024-03-16

Perfectly smooth purchase. Ordered product, then received said product in a very timely fashion. Thank you. I liked the product the most! The packaging was very good too. Very fast shipping. Exactly what I wanted. This was the highest standard of quality I could have hoped for. It was so quick and smooth that the fact it was a "purchase" did not stay in my mind until this review was prompted. The product and service was very much worth the "price." I am so pleased to have exactly what I wanted. The shopping part is in the past and now I can enjoy what I got. Thank you again.

Wayne, 2024-03-14

I have ordered from Inderwear on a few occasions, and always been very pleased with the service. The styles , designers and selection is great, with some good bargains too. The ordering process is easy and straight forward, and delivery and receipt of my order has always been without problems. I can recommend Inderwear, and I would use them again. Thank you!

Paul, 2024-03-10

The internet makes it easy to shop anywhere in the world. I live in the UK and it was very easy to order from France. This is my second order with the company. The items are good quality, accurate sizing and well priced. Service was quick. Recommended ! Merci

Dan, 2024-02-26

I was very satisfied with the speed and status of the international shipping of my order.

Davis, 2024-02-20

First class all the time I'm happy with what I got will order again.

Patrick, 2024-02-15

Very well done site with good information.Easy ordering and fast delivery.Superb online assistant.Customer of the Lyon store and the site, I recommend.

James, 2024-02-12

Great range of clothes, many from European sources which is great for sustainability. Reasonable prices and prompt delivery.

Kriskhnan, 2024-02-12

As always, excellent customer service and fast delivery. Super happy with the products, as well!

Peter, 2024-02-12

Great shop with really broad variety! Lots to explore! Kind service, best customer experience so far, no regrets! Bit pricey …

Peter, 2024-02-10

Order procedure is good, tracking is ok. Always a worry with sizing but I am satisfied with my choice. Have ordered a few times & happy with accurate descriptions & information. Good photos help greatly with choices. Usually items of great quality too.

Henk, 2024-02-03

the underwear I ordered was deliverd within a few days.

Njabulo, 2024-02-01

Service was great! Packaging was even better Delivery time was also the best I would order anything with you anytime???? Keep up the great work, im a happy customer