Shapewear : Men's structuring underwear

Discover the Inderwear Men's shapewear range. A diverse selection of structuring underwear for men. First designed for women, structuring lingerie or shapewear has appeared recently in the men's underwear field, and achieves increasing success. > Read more


Several shapewear ranges are existing. Many underwear styles are available: push-ups to highlight your manliness, developed in thongs, briefs, boxers and jockstraps such as the Andrew Christian Show-it brief. Thanks to an invisible supporting elastic system, your buttocks is raised and looks rounded. It also exists some blurring and structuring styles that reduce the muffin top effect. Shapewear underwear have been developed with a strengthened elastic sheath that provides support while sharpening the waist. Briefs, boxers, T-shirst and tank tops also benefit from this system. Try it now!

The men's shapewear range is of very good quality. Underwear are designed carefully with a very complete technology that provides a surprising effect!

Discover the new styles of the men's shapewear range

Discover the shapewear in "Beau tout nu" on M6 with Yannick from Les Dessous d'Apollon!

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