How to choose your perfect underwear size

choisir sa taille de sous-vêtement

Choosing the right size for your underwear, it’s not always easy and mostly not when you do your shopping on the internet. Whether you buy a new brief, or a boxer, each men must learn to choose his underwear carefully and precisely to avoid unpleasant surprises. Who has never ordered a clothe online and received a too big or on the contrary too small pieces. Nothing is worse than an underwear which makes you feel cramped and compressed. You will quickly understand how to take your measurements, understand them and interpret them to choose the best underwear.

Take measurements to choose the right size of underwear

Some tips to know your waistline size

First of all, to choose your underwear for men, it’s necessary to know your exact size. What better than a simple tape measure to take the size of your hips, and more precisely, the complete turn of your hips. When you know your measurements, you will not have any trouble to choose the right size for your underwear, whether you are more interested in a brief, a boxer or a jock strap. In addition, it is the same to choose your t-shirts, your jeans or your shorts, the technique remains exactly the same. We advise you for the underwear to measure the hip circumference because it corresponds to the widest point in contrast to the waistline which is the narrowest point. You will usually find it listed in the “waist size” direcly on the size guide. Here is an image of the difference between the waist and the hip.

où mesurer son tour de taille et son tour de hanche
  1. Your waist measurement : measure horizontally at the thinnest point of the waist, below the ribs. The area is just above or below the belly button. No need to tighten, take measure at the rest.
  2. Your hip measurement : measure horizontally at the widest point of the pelvis, at the level of the buttocks.

Whether you opt for a low-rise or high-waisted underwear, it’s the size at the hip that will be essential. It’s the widest point. That’s why it’s where you feel too cramped if your underwear is too small for example. So measure your hip and note the size in centimeters. It’s your exact size and it’s what will allow you to always choose the right underwear no matter the site, brand or type of article. All you have to do is refer to the size guide.

Men’s underwear sizes: cm, inch, french size, size US

You’ve done the hardest! Now, you are able to determine your hip size, the essential measure that will allow you to choose the good underwear. Nevertheless, your measurement is in centimeters and corresponds to the complete turn of your hips. A very important detail. In fact, it is the multitude of sizes and formats that makes the task so difficult.

Everyone has wondered what the famous story of American sizes and French sizes was. We have too much informations and different numbers, so we don’t understand anything. First, you find the standard sizes: “XS,” S “,” M “,” L “,” XL “,” XXL ” which varie by brand and product, but still remain the same all around the world. Then, you have the numbered sizes which are different depending on the country and brands. Problems beggining. But no worries we explain everything. The inch is the unit used for American sizes, and the centimeter, is the unit used for French sizes. Inch and centimeter are two units measurements. 1 inch corresponds to 2.54 centimeters. To know your American size you have just to divide your size in cm by 2.54. Easy !

Notice that if the hip circumference measured is between 65 and 120 cm, the French sizes are between 34 and 60 (inch or cm). It’s because with the french size, clothes are measured flat. It correspond to the half of your entire hip circumference. For the american size, it’s all the hip circumference that is take. 

You understand that the size guide of each underwear must be consulted before the purchase of your article. It is essential to know how to decrypt it so as not to end up with a boxer, a slip or a thong that compresses too much, or on the contrary does not keep enough. Here’s a classic size guide:

For a man with an 80 cm hip circumference, just look at the third line. It is indicated 76/80 so a 40 in French size or a 30 in American size. We can also take the 80 cm hip circumference, divide it by two to know the flat measure. 80/2 = 40 cm so choose the 40. In inch you have just to divide the hip circumference by 2.54.

guide des tailles francaises et anglaises et US de sous-vetements

On Inderwear, we help you with size ranges. You will not lost if you are between 2 sizes.

estimation de la taille de sous-vetement FR et US

American and French sizes have no secrets for you anymore!

Adjust your underwear size according to the brand

Although it’s very important to know his size, there is no absolute guarantee. The sizes may different from one brand to another, or even from one model to another. We recommend that you always consult the size guide at the bottom of each product sheet before ordering. Some of them cut small, like the ES Collection products or Marcuse brand, others on the contrary cut bigger. On the site, when it says “big size” it means that we advise you to take a size below, conversely for small size.

For the most lazy of you, know that in general, the most popular sizes in men are the S, the M and the L. A size S corresponds to 36-40 in French size and to 28-31 US size for a waistline of 72-80. A size M corresponds to 40-44 French size and 31-35 US size for a waist circumference of 80-88 cm. Finally, a size L corresponds to 44-48 French size, 35-38 US size for a waist circumference of 88-96 cm.

Choose your underwear with a front pouch fitting your needs

The different front pouch shapes for men underwear

After determining your waist, it is essential to identify the size of the front pouch. There are no rules, it’s a personal feelings. However the possibilities are numerous. It’s up to you to see if you prefer to opt for a front pouch with maximum space for more comfort and freedom or if you prefer more classic models. There are more and more different today, able to meet the simplest needs as well as the needs of the most demanding.

Most of men’s underwear don’t have a particular front pouch. In fact, most of them have a quite flat and rarely shaped pouch. But some brands, expert in the case, innovate and make this pouch a real asset. If you don’t like being compressed and enjoying more space without wearing underpants or boxers with a push up system, you will find more advanced front pouch technologies. Andrew Christian “basic” pouch are quite  loose and worn forward. But you can also find briefs and boxers for men with shaped front pouch. A very important element that must necessarily be taken into consideration when making your choice.

Innovative front pouch for comfortable men underwear

Although there are many models of non-preformed front pouch such as models from Emporio Armani, the brand DIM or Diesel, men’s underwear professionals are constantly innovating. The brands create special technologies for their men’s underwear ranges by focusing on the pouch to provide maximum comfort and support. Here is an overview of the most innovative front pouch.

We find in the first place the brand Andrew Christian and its front pocket Almost Naked. It will make you feel like you’re not wearing underwear. The pocket marries and naturally supports the genitals, without compressing them. The fabric made from bamboo fiber gives comfort and incomparable softness.



We also find Vibe collection and the BallPark front pouch of Saxx, patented and made of 2 mesh panels providing exceptional support without friction. Thanks to their flat seams, the models guarantee an anti-friction comfort. Made from soft, breathable and naturally refreshing viscose, you will not be disappointed.



Finally, we can’t finish this selection without mentioning Calvin Klein ergonomic pouch and the Focused models as well as the Free Fall front pouch with the Rounderbum Anatomic collection. They offer maximum space for a outstanding comfort and support.

Push up men’s underwear

Increase your front volume with or without foams

The Push-Up technology of men’s underwear, will allow to highlight, increase and enhance the volume of your anatomy. We distinguish push-up underwear with padding system, such as Pack Up technology. It is a thin and removable polyester foam, placed at the front of the underwear to maximize the front volume by giving a push-up effect. The Pack Up system is integrated in some underwear but also in some swimwear like swim boxer or swim brief. You will also find the package technology. Thanks to the dual action of the “Enhancer package” pouch and removable foam, your attributes are both raised and projected forward. You gain in volume and comfort.

In other hand, there are underwear push up without adding foam that will allow a naturally curved effect. Andrew Christian was a forerunner in Men’s Foamless Push-Up with its Show-It models. This is a stretched cotton yoke placed in front of the pouch. It consists of a round opening to place his genitals for a perfect fit and a more voluminous effect.

Of course this is just a non-exhaustive list of men’s underwear push-up technologies. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best.



Briefs and boxers for bigger buttocks

If there are underwear that increase and redraw your masculinity, there are also underwear that can improve the curve of your buttocks. It’s the case of the Lift technology that structures and enhances your figure, thanks to elastics hidden in the underwear. Discover Lift technology with the Rounderbum Lift Tech collection, as well as Andrew Christian’s Flashlift models. By wearing a boxer FlashLift, you can earn up to 2.50 centimeters of buttocks!



Concerning the size of the push-up underwear, with or without foam, it is the same approach. the principe remain the same as for a traditional underwear. It is not because we will take bigger size that the frontal volume or buttocks volume will be larger. If you really want an ultra-domed effect, you can always turn to Boxers and briefs from Addicted’s Super Bulk collection. Removable foams naturally enhance your anatomy, both in front and behind.



Don’t forget your morphology to choose your underwear

Finally, we will finish on the morphology. Choosing the right underwear for your waist and the quality of your front pouch is not enough. It happens for example that some of you have a very thin waist and very muscular thighs. Choose in this case a shorty model, notched on the sides. If you have small buttocks, favor push-up underwear that will accentuate your back volume. On the contrary, if you already have pretty shapes, look above all for comfort by taking underwear that will highlight them as thongs or jockstraps.

In any case, don’t try to undercut your brief or boxer just to gain a size. You will not be comfortable in your underwear and you may regret it. If you have a few love handles to hide, nothing prevents you to opt for a shapewear brief or shapewear boxer that will help you accept your shapes. There are even girdles that you can combine separately or complementary t-shirts and tank tops. One thing is sure, always choose the size that fits you and adjust the shape, the front pouch and the cut to feel good and show off.

Now that you know everything, you have no reason to go wrong with underwear sizes. All you have to do is go to to make your choice of underwear for men.

  1. I could somehow understand the jiggery of measurement and size altogether, but there are many who know very little, and at the market they don’t guide correctly.
    Somehow, I was able to get to the roots.

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