How to choose the perfect frontal pouch for men’s underwear?

If lingerie has always been chosen with the greatest care by women, it has not always been the same case for men. Male underwear has long been very simple, and never really meets the real needs of men. A trend that has changed in the last years. Fabrics are much more sophisticated just like the cuts and finishes. Similarly, many patented technologies appear every year, aimed at improving the frontal comfort of your underwear. So to help you understand all these novelties, we have prepared a summary guide. You will have all the knowledge to choose well. Drop the first price knickers and find out which underwear is right for you?

Choose the shape and the pouch of your men’s underwear

Choose a men’s underwear cut tailored to your needs

Comfortable underwear for everyday life

Brief: the cut of the brief is very adjusted. It perfectly fits the body shapes for optimal comfort. The front pouch holds your parts perfectly and leaves them in place all day long. The brief can be presented in different forms: in a tanga brief version with beautiful side notch, in an empty bottom version cut at the back like a jockstrap or in a mini and ultra-low-rise version for a more sexy look, it’s up to you.

Boxer: The boxer is very elegant. This is the ultimate male underwear. Just like the brief, it encompasses the body shapes but still remains less adjusted and therefore more visible under clothing. Its cut which goes down on the thighs makes it possible to emphasize the muscles of the legs and to be ultra comfortable avoiding any risk of frictions. It is therefore perfectly adapted to the sports practice. The plus is that it is adaptable to all morphologies. Whether you are ultra thin or more chubby, the boxer is for you. It’s a classic and a timeless.



Seductive men’s underwear

Thong: Initially dedicated to women, thong is more and more popular in the men’s wardrobe. Its minimalist cut allows it to be ultra discreet and almost invisible under clothing. It reveals the buttocks which gives it a great seduction power and emphasizes your forms. The front is only dedicated to the pouch that supports your parts. Although considered very uncomfortable by men, the thong continues to evolve. Men’s underwear specialist brands are continually bringing new improvements for more comfort. The front pouch offers more and more space and support, making the thong popular among men.

Jockstrap: come from the sports universe, jockstrap is characterized by one front pouch placed to support your front parts and two elastic bands at the back placed under the buttocks for more roundness and push up effect. The jockstrap ensures a very good maintenance, limits frictions and doesn’t hinder the body for greater freedom of movement. Its opening at the back gives the impression of wearing nothing for an ultra sexy effect, a bit provocative. If you have doubts about the front pouch, know that you will feel as comfortable as in a brief or a boxer. The front pouch remains the same. It’s the back comfort that will be different.



Underwear adapted to the sports practice

For a good sport practice, we obviously advise you to wear briefs or boxers. The front pouch offers space, cuts provide optimal support without friction for an excellent freedom of movement. Both models are available in a wide variety of materials, colors and patterns and are offered by many brands at a varied prices. Finally, you can also bet on jockstrap. As we mentioned before, this cut was originally intended for the sport. In any case, choose a cut or a front pouch which doesn’t compress your parts and in which you feel good, with space to move.

Of course, think about the fabrics you choose for your underwear. The pouch comfort depends on it. Choose lightweight and breathable sports materials such as cotton and microfiber and more sensual and sexy materials for a seductive look. For more information concerning the fabrics of your underwear for men, we refer you directly to one of our previous articles.

The different shapes of men’s underwear front pouches

After determining the shape of your underwear, it is essential to take into account the size and characteristics of the front pouch. There are no rules, it’s a personal appreciation. However the possibilities are numerous. It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer an ergonomic front pouch for more comfort and freedom, or for simpler and more common models. Pouch are diversifying, becoming able to meet the simplest needs as well as the needs of the most demanding of you. For brands, this is the asset not to neglect to convince customers.

Most men’s underwear as we know them don’t have a particular front pouch. They are fairly flat and rarely preformed, leaving little space for your assets. This is the case of many models from Emporio Armani, DIM or Diesel. The pouch meets simple comfort and maintenance needs. They will not meet the requirements of men who would look for something more specific to their morphology or their desires.

On the other hand, if you don’t like to be compressed or you like to have more space without wearing briefs or boxers with a push up system, there are more advanced front pouches. The Californian Andrew Christian proposes “basic” pouches, quite plunging, loose and worn forward for example. But you can also find men’s briefs, shortys and boxers with preformed pouch or with an integrated basket system. Front pouches that are more ergonomic to wrap and preserve your privacy as you wish.




Front pouch with more innovative technologies

Innovative front pouch for comfortable underwear

If professionals want to differentiate themselves from their competitors and convince their consumers, they have to innovate and surprise by improving their products. The front pouch is probably the most important thing in men’s underwear, that’s why it requires the most attention. Brands continue to bring new technologies for more comfort and support. Here is an overview of the most innovative front pouches.

We find in the first place Andrew Christian and his Almost Naked front pouch. It will make you feel like you’re not wearing underwear. The pouch naturally supports the genitals, without compressing them. The fabric made from bamboo fiber gives it comfort and incomparable softness.



Then, we find SAXX models from the Vibe collection and their ergonomic BallPark front pouch. Designed for contact-free support, this 3D-style hammock pouch keeps everything in place with mesh panels that prevent skin-to-skin friction and hidden seams for comfort without irritation or friction. In ultra-soft, super-breathable and naturally refreshing viscose, you’ll stay dry all day, even when sweating.



Finally, we can’t finish this selection without mentioning the ergonomic Calvin Klein pouch and its Focused models as well as the Free Fall front pouchof the Anatomic Rounderbum collections. They offer maximum space with preformed front pouch in which your attributes slip into a glove.



Increase your frontal volume without adding foam

Push-Up technologies of men’s underwear allow to draw, increase and enhance the volume of your anatomy. We first distinguish push-up underwear with padding system, such as Pack Up technology. It is a thin and removable polyester foam, placed at the front of the underwear to maximize the front volume by giving a push-up effect. The Pack Up system is integrated in some underwear but also in some swimsuits. You will also find the package technology. Thanks to the dual action of the “Enhancer package” front pocket and removable foam, your attributes are both raised and projected forward. You gain in volume and comfort.

It also exists push up underwear without adding foam that will allow a convex and sculpting effect naturally. Andrew Christian is the forerunner in Men’s Foamless Push-Up with its Show-It models. This is a stretched cotton wall, placed in front of the pouch. It consists of a round opening to place his genitals for a perfect fit and a more voluminous effect. Of course, this is just a non-exhaustive list of men’s push-up underwear technologies. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best.



Our special front pouch guide is already finished … I hope they have no secrets for you anymore. So we’ll see you next week on for more news and advice.

  1. My husband read this article and decided to try push up underwear. he was very impressed (and so was I!) Thanks to a little tech help he feels really confident. Thanks for the helpful info.

  2. I love boxers and I totally agree with your point that boxer is very elegant. I Think men’s boxers are very comfortable from front and back. I have brought many underwear and I think boxers gives me good coverage and gives me a proper shape.

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